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Alberto Alassio alberto.alassio at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 11:10:40 EDT 2012

Hi guys, I was looking at chuck manual, talking about LFO and then FM came
to my mind. But...How?

I was thinking to a very simple FM like this:

1) SinOsc  alpha   carrier
2) SinOsc beta    modulator
3) SinOsc gamma  beta's amplitude modulator

So i thought something like this

SinOsc alpha => dac;
SinOsc beta => blackhole;
SinOsc gamma => blackhole;

then oscillators frequencies
220 => alpha.freq;

4 => gamma.freq;
while (20::ms => now )
(gamma.last () ) + 2 => beta.freq;   in this way I've got my amplitude
modulation on beta.

Then I have to

Beta.freq + alpha.freq => alpha.freq    - Frequencies sum. -

This is just an idea..... Could it work ? And how can I make beta and
alpha's sum?  May I have to use fun like fun void ( int freqalpha, int
freqbeta ) or something like this?

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