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Alberto Alassio alberto.alassio at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 09:45:48 EDT 2012

Kass said :
"In this case -1 to 1 clearly is rather a small range for all but the

> most subtle of modulations. You can multiply by "index" every sample
> as in the posted examples, but personally I'd simply set the
> modulator's .gain() to the value of the index. "

so you just  make  index * m.gain() ?

Kas said:

"While we are at it; I'd also use the fm input to the carrier set by

> the .sync() member function."

I'm not succeeding because I'm not able to use .sync.
There's written something about in the manual, is it correct to write
2 => c.sync ?  Cause at SinOsc page it is written : " (2) fm synth " .

Kas said:

"That leaves the centre frequency, I'd sum the modulator with a Step

    UGen set to that value.

> This will greatly simplify the code (no need to manually loop) and
> because of that decrease the CPU cost. "

And what about Step? you put it in the blackhole also and you set it at
carrier frequency?

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