[chuck-users] multiple inheritance

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 11:08:00 EDT 2012

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On Fri, Oct 05, 2012 at 04:54:28PM +0200, Julien Saint-Martin wrote:
> That the approach I m thinking about now.
> But this way (including one object into one other) constraints you
> to have additional interface functions?  Ok I know my question is
> not clear ;-) let's illustrate it with an example:


Yes, as far as I can see that will fly and indeed looks sensible for
some use cases. If it is just a function you could also write it
outside of any class, then call it from within your class with "this"
as a parameter, in some cases.

> If you feel I am lazy its true ;-) That's why I like to program, I
> make the machines work for me!

Of course you are, that's a virtue for programmers. Quite often the
way to lazyness is through understanding. Well, the way to lazyness
you can get away with is.

Being lazy, making sweeping generalisations, theft, all great stuff


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