[chuck-users] (chimera) [part 1]: 64-bit chuck

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 08:55:44 EDT 2012

> Not unlike the final installment of the Harry Potter movies, or perhaps the
> video game ->Final<- Fantasy XIII (there is a FF XIII-2 and what is
> effectively FF XIII-3 was just announced), this release will take
> place in multiple parts, mostly because Spencer is traveling to ICMC in
> Ljubljana, Slovenia, where he will present our paper on Chugins, Chugens,
> and Chubgraphs.  Also, there is a little bit more work to do for 64-bit
> miniAudicle, so that's going to come in CK, part 2, and probably
> from Slovenia (it seems only fitting to release ChucK from the international
> computer music conference).  Also, our dear friend Graham Coleman has asked
> about a chuck-1.3 version of (gasp) Audicle, so there might be a,
> part 2, b.

Ah, this is so cool! Back to popculture as a frame of reference,
releasing early and often and bouncing ideas back&forth... and even a
whole series of new words! It's just like the old days, except with
more toys.

I like the idea of resurrecting/-mixing/-releasing the Audicle. I
admit I was a bit skeptical of it at the time (I think I mucked up
something with the 3d acceleration). It was a bit ahead of its time
and now might be a good moment to go back. More or less like that XBox
version of Rez.

Welcome back, commander.

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