[chuck-users] nable to find audio input device with requested channel count

Robin Haberkorn robin.haberkorn at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 7 11:51:10 EDT 2012

Hi Jonas,

which ChucK version, operating system and audio-backend are you using?

At least when using Jack, ChucK checks that a device with the requested
number of in/out channels is available and aborts if not. It also by
default connects the in/out channels to the device. I have a patch to
work around this and it is discussed by the core developers (I hope). It
does not allow you to open no input channel but an arbitrary number > 0
which are not automatically connected. So you could have one input
channel and simply not use it in your Jack patch.


On 07/09/12 17:15, Jonas Gruska wrote:
> Dear fellow Chuck users,
> I am now working on a system with no ADC, thus no input channels. But, for some reason, Chuck wants to use those, no matter the program. To quote:
> [chuck]: unable to find audio input device with requested channel count (2)
> [chuck]: cannot initialize audio device (try using --silent/-s)
> When I try adding --in0 it doesn't accept it as valid option. 
> Is there a way how to deal with this? 
> Regards,
> Jonas
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