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Simon Steptoe simonsteptoe at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 14 05:45:16 EDT 2012


I've tried r.ck and s.ck on and am getting the same issues as
before. Either Chuck crashes immediately or soon after adding s.ck... or if
things proceed, removing r.ck causes the crash. And it does seem the longer
you leave things running, the more certain you'll get a  crash when
removing r.ck.

Ditto for my own patches using OSC... although there have been times when
things have run on for a bit without crashing near, or at, the very
beginning.. which wasn't the case with If things do get going
there are two specific places where things go then awry.. at the first
place the sound breaks down into "white noise" for a few seconds but the
shreds continue unabated... the second place occurs a few seconds later
with a "proper" crash. I only mention the first of these because I've never
had happen at that point with previous versions of Chuck. To my eyes at
least nothing particular stands out in the code at these points other than
there are a lot of shreds active. Also, I've had the "OutOfMemory: while
allocating stack" error message a couple of times.

I'm not sure if the above is the sort of information that helps... but if
there is anything I can do to provide additional info, please let me know.


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Some of my existing patches are causing Chuck 1.3.1 to lock-up and crash.

I think I've traced it back to a possible OSC issue as the example files
s.ck and r.ck seem to cause the same problem... which would make sense in
that my affected patches are also using OSC events.  If the patch gets
going at all, removing the shred(s) also causes a crash. OSC_send.ck and
OSC_recv.ck however seem to work fine.

On my own patches I can sometimes catch the error message; "OutOfMemory:
while allocating stack"... increasing buffer size and/or decreasing sample
rate seem to alleviate the problem somewhat in that things keep running a
few seconds longer, but eventually the result is the same. However, I guess
this might not be the same issue as with s.ck and r.ck. Running Chuck with
--silent doesn't resolve things either.

My machine is Windows 7, 32-bit... to be fair it is a bit on the old side
(Pentium 4)... but it's coped fine with previous versions of Chuck and
miniAudicle.... and I can't replicate the issue with Chuck

Many thanks.

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