[chuck-users] Fwd: chuck 1.3.1 on Windows 32-bit - possible OSC issue - update re:

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Sep 14 09:26:54 EDT 2012

Hi Simon!

>> I've tried r.ck and s.ck on and am getting the same issues as 
>> before. Either Chuck crashes immediately or soon after adding s.ck... 
>> or if things proceed, removing r.ck causes the crash. And it does seem 
>> the longer you leave things running, the more certain you'll get a 
>>  crash when removing r.ck.
> This is super helpful - we'll look into it starting on windows 32-bit 
> (s.ck and r.ck seems OK on OS X).  Thank you!

Alrighty, we've found at least one issue that was definitely a potential 
culprit on 32-bit (all os) and only since the 64-bit release.  basically, 
float and complex local variables where not being properly popped from the 
operand stack correctly.

I uploaded a build ( for you as well as for Michael and 
anyone else who may want to test particular issues:


It includes a win32 build and an osx64 build, as well as source for all 
supported platforms.

If you'd like, please give it a spin!



>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: Simon Steptoe <simonsteptoe at yahoo.co.uk>
>> Date: 11 September 2012 09:45
>> Subject: chuck 1.3.1 on Windows 32-bit - possible OSC issue
>> To: chuck-users at lists.cs.princeton.edu
>> Some of my existing patches are causing Chuck 1.3.1 to lock-up and crash.
>> I think I've traced it back to a possible OSC issue as the example
>> files s.ck and r.ck seem to cause the same problem... which would make 
>> sense
>> in that my affected patches are also using OSC events.  If the patch gets
>> going at all, removing the shred(s) also causes a crash. OSC_send.ck and
>> OSC_recv.ck however seem to work fine. 
>> On my own patches I can sometimes catch the error message; "OutOfMemory:
>> while allocating stack"... increasing buffer size and/or decreasing sample
>> rate seem to alleviate the problem somewhat in that things keep running a
>> few seconds longer, but eventually the result is the same. However, I guess
>> this might not be the same issue as with s.ck and r.ck. Running Chuck with
>> --silent doesn't resolve things either.
>> My machine is Windows 7, 32-bit... to be fair it is a bit on the old side
>> (Pentium 4)... but it's coped fine with previous versions of Chuck and
>> miniAudicle.... and I can't replicate the issue with Chuck
>> Many thanks.
>> Simon

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