[chuck-users] New error message appears in 64 bit

John Ellinger info at mibac.com
Fri Sep 14 12:18:03 EDT 2012


I'm using the latest ChucK 64bit on Mac 10.7.4.

I've been getting this error message whenever running ChucK in the Terminal:

[chuck]: cannot bind to tcp port 8888…

ChucK programs continue to run fine, it's the first time I've seen this error message.

I've been compiling the ChucK svn source code in Xcode for several months. The newest version compiles cleanly with no errors or warnings on Xcode 4.3.3. I've modified the Xcode project settings specifically to x86_64 and OS 10.7.

This error string appears only once in chuck_main.cpp line 946.
        // log
        EM_log( CK_LOG_SYSTEM, "starting listener on port: %d...", g_port );

        // start tcp server
        g_sock = ck_tcp_create( 1 );
        if( !g_sock || !ck_bind( g_sock, g_port ) || !ck_listen( g_sock, 10 ) )
>>>>            fprintf( stderr, "[chuck]: cannot bind to tcp port %li...\n", g_port );
            ck_close( g_sock );
            g_sock = NULL;
#endif // __DISABLE_OTF_SERVER__

In chuck_def.h "#define __DISABLE_OTF_SERVER__" is only defined if  __CHIP_MODE__ is defined. I could not find "#define __CHIP_MODE__" anywhere in the branch. If __CHIP_MODE__ is not defined, __DISABLE_OTF_SERVER__ is not defined, hence the error.


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