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Simon Steptoe simonsteptoe at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 14 18:51:55 EDT 2012

Good evening Ge...

I've tried r.ck and s.ck out on and.... I've yet to make it
crash!! Also my own patches using OSC are performing as before (i.e. on without a hitch. So, as least from my perspective, the latest
fixes seem to have done the job. Thanks.


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> OSC issue - update re:
> Hi Simon!
>  I've tried r.ck and s.ck on and am getting the same issues as
>>> before. Either Chuck crashes immediately or soon after adding s.ck... or if
>>> things proceed, removing r.ck causes the crash. And it does seem the
>>> longer you leave things running, the more certain you'll get a  crash when
>>> removing r.ck.
>> This is super helpful - we'll look into it starting on windows 32-bit (
>> s.ck and r.ck seems OK on OS X).  Thank you!
> Alrighty, we've found at least one issue that was definitely a potential
> culprit on 32-bit (all os) and only since the 64-bit release.  basically,
> float and complex local variables where not being properly popped from the
> operand stack correctly.
> I uploaded a build ( for you as well as for Michael and anyone
> else who may want to test particular issues:
>     http://chuck.stanford.edu/**stuff/chuck-<http://chuck.stanford.edu/stuff/chuck->
> It includes a win32 build and an osx64 build, as well as source for all
> supported platforms.
> If you'd like, please give it a spin!
> Thanks!
> Ge!
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