[chuck-users] Begin the beguine (Alberto Alassio)

Perry Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Sep 30 22:01:24 EDT 2012

Hey all,

I'll pipe in here with a set of course notes I put together for
a workshop/tutorial on "Sonification in ChucK"  It steps through
chuck from Hello Sine through functions and built-in math.foo() and 
std.bar() functions through much more.  It is, I believe, the most short
yet complete list of things you can and should do with ChucK.  Not 
everything is explained, of course (it was only a 2 hour tutorial).

It's all on a sub-directory of my main web page called "ChucK U!"

See:  http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~prc/ChucKU/

The notes are at:


but if you go to the main ChucKU page, you'll see code examples, links
to other things, etc.


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