[chuck-users] midi ports

Philipp Kroos philipp.kroos at gmail.com
Sat Apr 20 15:40:23 EDT 2013


I'm new to this list (and again to ChucK), so hello first ;)

Is there a way to keep midiports 'open'?
I can specify the number of audio io's when starting chuck --loop,
can I do the same with midi io?

I'm using LASH on linux. My objective is to start ChucK and connect a
midikeyboard to it.
In previous versions (used dracula before) a midi-port came up in LASH when
I started a
.ck-file that used a MidiIn-object, and stayed open. In the current
version, the ports disappear once the program finishes.

Thanks for any hints!
- Philipp
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