[chuck-users] Binaural Processing in ChucK - requires headphones - really works!

Rich Caloggero rjc at mit.edu
Tue Aug 6 19:54:21 EDT 2013


Goto the above and download “chuck-sources.zip”.

Unzip and look at the readme.html file; should get you running.
The program requires a file called “music.wav” in the directory from which it is run (forgot this in the docs).  If given a stereo file, only the left channel is processed.

Anyone have any ideas on how to implement crosstalk cancelation? I’ve tried to read the relevant papers but cannot understand the mathematics.  I’ve got something in here (which is turned off by default) based on simple feedback network of inverter and delay, but it doesn’t really work. Perhaps adding filtering will help, but haven’t tried this yet.

Ping me with questions; I’ll try and answer the best I can.

-- Rich
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