[chuck-users] No simple vibrato example

Manuel Bärenz manuel at enigmage.de
Wed Dec 4 19:04:51 EST 2013

Hi guys,

I'm giving a presentation on ChucK tomorrow and I wanted to show off
some of the basic features in a live coding session. I found that
creating a vibrato (modulating the frequency) is far too hard. The
example I'm looking at is
http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/doc/examples/basic/whirl.ck. In an
infinite loop, you have this code:

    30 + ( Math.sin(t) + 1.0 ) * 10000.0 => s.sfreq;
    t + .004 => t;

Here, t is a float and s is a SinOsc. Now, what I would have expected is
the following, more intuitive setup outside the loop:

30 + SinOsc freq_mod => s.freq;
1 => freq_mod.freq;

I know that the first line with the "30 + SinOsc" is probably nonsense
in itself, but I could work around that (by using a step UGen for
example). My actual problem is that you can't chuck a SinOsc into s.freq.
Consider this line:

SinOsc freq_mod => s.freq;

I get an error like this:
arguments type(s) do not match:
... for function 'SinOsc.freq(...)' ...
...(please check the argument types)

Is this something that the language is simply not capable of or am I
doing something wrong?

Best, Manuel

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