[chuck-users] embedding ChucK, and Windows8, ARM, etc.

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 18:44:32 EST 2013

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 01:36:01PM +0000, henrique matias wrote:
>    Yeah, sorry for talking about SC here.

No need to be sorry, the subject comes and goes, we learn something
every time; I just didn't quite get where it came from at this moment.

>    yeah my goal is always to write beautiful poems. and am sure if you're a
>    coder that is able to write readable code, supercollider will allow you
>    more than one way to do that. bad for*beginners, great for coders.

Despite not having that much experience with SC I think I agree. This
situation follows from a few things; stuff like SC's age and how usage
in education is one of the primary things ChucK is aimed at.

ChucK tends to be straightforward but perhaps not towards "beauty" in
more complicated projects, at least not always. We should probably
address some of that at some point. I have some situations in mind,
but nothing that I feel should be prioritised right now.

>    I really love chuck, and i think the way it makes possible to create and
>    re-chain*channel*strips is a must! super sexy! loads of claps for chuck!
>    The only problem for me was when i started creating my classes and dealing
>    with events i started having some limitations which lead me to come back
>    to supercollider, where classes,*inheritance*and other syntax things gives
>    my extremely OO ideas a better housing.

The class system is primitive and known to be so, that's true. I'm not
sure I understand what issue events have for you though I suspect the
shreduler could be optimised.

>    Also the extensions in SC ( Quarks ) make it very easy to share code,
>    maybe we should look on making something for chuck.*
>    Something like "brew for chuck" ? Am sure a quick solution can be written
>    using node.js + GIT
>    *

Aside from lacking wide-spread adoption, do you see issues with the
current idea of ChuGins and Git?

>    Don't get me wrong, am with you ( completely with you )
>    And I think chuck is super sexy and i would love to keep chucking.
>    I would love to help on improving the syntax and OO, and all that jazz.
>    But unfortunately i had to prioritise my idea over digging chuck source
>    code.
>    Hopefully at some point i'll be able to convert my SC classes to chuck ( :
>    peace

I hope so too :-)

Take care,

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