[chuck-users] C function integration problem into a chugin

Julien Saint-Martin julien.saintmartin at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 12 09:46:55 EST 2013

Hi again,

I solved the problem. In fact it is not related to chuck or chugin but more
related to C and C++ (and my poor knowledge of this last one).

When including C function in a C++ project .h files must be modified like
this to declare prototypes:

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

// Your C prototypes

#ifdef __cplusplus

I understand this might be obvious for many of you, so I apologize for the
noise on the mailing list.

Have fun,


2013/1/12 Julien Saint-Martin <julien.saintmartin at googlemail.com>

> Hi all,
> I am currently trying to create a chugin with IBNIZ
> http://pelulamu.net/ibniz/ (it generate weird and loud sound, take care
> of your ears, headphones and speakers if you try it!!).
> My target is to only have sound from it.
> Ibniz source code is C, so I added the C file defining the functions I
> want to reuse inside the chugin make file:
> C_MODULES=vm_slow.c
> I call 3 of these functions inside the code generated by chuginate script:
> ibniz class defined in ibniz.cpp (chugin cpp source file)
> Compilation seems ok except 2 warnings:
> ~/Chuck/chugins/ibniz$ make clean; make linux
> rm -rf vm_slow.o ibniz.o ibniz.chug
> gcc -D__LINUX_ALSA__ -I../chuck/include/ -fPIC -O3 -c -o vm_slow.o
> vm_slow.c
> g++ -D__LINUX_ALSA__ -I../chuck/include/ -fPIC -O3 -c -o ibniz.o ibniz.cpp
> In file included from ibniz.h:12:0,
>                  from ibniz.cpp:15:
> vm.h:46:3: warning: anonymous type with no linkage used to declare
> variable '<anonymous struct> vm' with linkage [enabled by default]
> ibniz.cpp: In constructor 'ibniz::ibniz(double)':
> ibniz.cpp:45:24: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to
> 'char*' [-Wwrite-strings]
> gcc -shared -lstdc++ -o ibniz.chug vm_slow.o ibniz.o
> Then I perform the: sudo make install
> And the problem occurs when I try to launch a test.ck file
> [test.ck]:line(1): undefined type 'ibniz'...
> [test.ck]:line(1): ... in declaration ...
> I added verbose option 3 to check what goes wrong and I found that my
> ibniz.chug is not loaded cause of the following error:
> [chuck]:(3:SEVERE):  |  | error loading chugin 'ibniz.chug', skipping
> [chuck]:(3:SEVERE):  |  | error from chuck_dl: '/usr/lib/chuck/ibniz.chug:
> undefined symbol: _Z6vm_runv'
> vm_run() is one of the C functions I call in the chugin cpp file. So I
> suppose _Z6vm_runv is linked to it.
> As a test, I tried to remove all these C functions and the chugin is
> loading and running. So I think I made something wrong to integrate these
> functions correctly inside the chugin code.
> Any idea?
> What is chuck_dl?
> Thanks for your help.
> Ju
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