[chuck-users] Polyphony/Multiple Instruments in ChucK

Curtis Ullerich curtullerich at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 12:05:06 EST 2013


In my experiments with ChucK I've reached the point of wanting to use
multiple instruments in polyphony (two Moogs in this case).

My example is on GitHub

My usage pattern feels awkward and not very clean, and I'm hoping someone
else has encountered the same situation. My question: What is a good way to
manage and use multiple instruments in ChucK?

It seems like a simple thing to want to do, but I haven't found any
examples in the doc that work this way. Am I completely backwards about how
I want to accomplish polyphony?

My particular use case is made most awkward because I'm using an ADSR
envelope. I think it's mostly ChucK's style of time tracking/advancement
that's derailing me. If I'm not describing this well enough, please let me
know. Any advice is appreciated.


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