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Rich Caloggero rjc at mit.edu
Mon Jul 8 21:19:47 EDT 2013


Is this manual current / being actively updated? If so, then there is a problem throughout with how characters are represented. It seems that perhaps the text may have been extracted from some graphical design program because some character combinations "(the characters “f” followed by “i” in this example) are replaced by a single weird character. When seen visually this may look like the two-character sequence “fi”, but to a screen reader or to anything else that processes text, this looks like a weird unpronouncible mess.  My screen reader reads the word “file” in this example as:

[character 64257[le

The stuff in brackets is what the screen reader says when it encounters the weird character.  

Hope this can be fixed. Reading the manual in its current state is much less fun than it could be.

Thanx for a great language and community.
-- Rich

%>chuck moe.ckIn this case, ChucK will run whatever is in moe.ck. You can replace moe.ck with the name of 
another ChucK file. If this script is a just a loop that never ends then we need to stop ChucK 
eventually. Simply press CTRL-C (hold control and press c). This is the ”kill process” hotkey in 
the terminal. 
Some first things to try is to test the concurrency (running multiple ChucK files in parallel) are 
moe, larry, and curly. First, run them each individually ( run chuck on moe.ck, larry.ck, or 
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