[chuck-users] OSC pattern matching

Brian Sorahan bsorahan at haivision.com
Fri Jul 26 14:07:32 EDT 2013

I've seen issues with pattern matching too, but couldn't remember what they
were specifically when I read your email.
I took the liberty of writing some tests to find holes in chuck's
implementation of the OSC spec and have discovered a few so far. I included
a zip archive with the scripts I wrote. Hope this helps.

On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 11:05 AM, dparson <dparson at ptd.net> wrote:

> It's been a while, so apologies in advance if this topic has come up
> lately.
> Last time that I wrote an OSC receiver in ChucK, the code had to match the
> incoming address pattern verbatim. There was no way to apply pattern
> matching, e.g., a regular expression, to match the incoming string. Also, I
> don't think that there was a way to match a prefix of the incoming string,
> after which one could in theory write one's own pattern matcher on the
> remainder of the incoming string. Little time for that, anyway.
> Is it (still) necessary to match the incoming OSC pattern string,
> literally, in its entirety? My solution last time was to spork a separate
> shred to match each incoming literal string in its entirety. That approach
> does not fully solve the problem at hand.
> Thanks.
> Dale (Acoustic Interloper)
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