[chuck-users] Synth for use with guitar hex pickup

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 09:23:33 EDT 2013

On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 01:16:41PM +0100, Stefan Blixt wrote:
>    Kassen, perhaps you're thinking about the YouRock guitar? I've been
>    glancing at that one myself - looks like a clever piece of gear.

Me too, but considering my collection I should really only get game
controllers I have actual plans for.

>    They're actually getting better at polyphonic pitch detection - there are
>    polyphonic tuners available (the TC Electronic app for iPhone), and the
>    RockSmith console game (great fun!) detects chords - though how well it
>    does isn't apparent, maybe they're faking it ;) I do think there's a fair
>    amount of latency involved in both of those though.

Frankly I think that is unavoidable. Pitch detection takes time and
the onset of guitar notes is really quite noisy on top of that. What
I'd do if I wanted to get clever would be to first send that a
transient has been detected and only once I were sure of the pitch
send the pitch, then using some synth controlled by this that would
also start with noisy attacks. That might be ok.

I said it before but there really is no way around latency in pitch
detection as pitch is inherently a time-based phenomenon. If the plan
is to get new musical ideas that might not be a issue as you could run
analysis at your leisure. For rocking out live it's either accepting
the math or everyone's favourite strategy; cheat ;-)


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