[chuck-users] 1. Re: Synth for use with guitar hex pickup (Stefan Blixt)

Perry Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Mar 24 12:09:56 EDT 2013

I don't know about Gossett, but Dex and I did this on our Cook-Morrill
trumpet interface, and I think the CNMAT/Gibson/Zeta project did this
as well.

On ours, we fired a noisy attack on one MIDI channel as soon as we 
detected playing over a threshold.  Then we waited a fixed time (like 
100 ms) and collected pitch info from many sources (valve info, lip
tension, and acoustic features from two mics).  Then we fired a best-
guess pitched noteon on a different channel, and updated that with 
bend messages.  We sent a note off on the attack channel.  There
was no perceived latency, but there was occasional monkey business
on the pitch update side.



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