[chuck-users] MIDI-synchronization and metric timing (?)

Blixa Barscheck Blixa2 at gmx.net
Sat Nov 30 14:27:06 EST 2013

Hi, ChucK-Community!

My name is Steve. So far I  have been using Max 6 for MIDI-programming. My primary workflow is that I generate MIDI-data in Max and send them to my DAW where it's used to trigger several SoftSynths. I am the point now, however, where Max doesn't offer me enough flexibility to realize what I want to do. I am considering switching to ChucK. There is one thing, however, I need to know about ChucK: In Max I am able to synchronize it's timing mechanism  to my DAW and define any kind of timing data (e.g.: frequency of an LFOsc) in metric timing (1/16-notes, 1/8-notes, etc.). Is this also possible in ChucK? If no, then ChucK unfortunately is no option for me, at least at the moment.


best regards,

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