[chuck-users] Non-random random number

David Code d.loberg.code at wmich.edu
Wed Oct 9 17:40:16 EDT 2013

Apparently, the non-random bug does not happen after declaration of all STK instruments, just some of them:
BlowBotl, BlowHole, Clarinet, Flute, Saxofony, StifKarp, VoicForm

And the problem occurs with both Std.rand2 and Std.rand2f
(I haven't conducted any more tests yet to see under what other conditions it might happen.)


> Forgive me if this was already discussed on the list before.  I am puzzled about a non-random random number.
> When the random number is calculated right after an STK instrument is declared, the result is not random.  It is the same number every time.
> However, if the same code occurs without an STK declaration before it, the result is random.
> while (true)
> {
> StifKarp stu => dac;
> int randy;
> Std.rand2(0,10) => randy;
> <<<"here are three random numbers",
> Std.rand2(0,10), Std.rand2(0,10),Std.rand2(0,10),
> "and NON-random Randy", randy >>>;
> Std.rand2(0,10) => randy;
> <<<"here are three more random numbers",
> Std.rand2(0,10), Std.rand2(0,10),Std.rand2(0,10),
> "and random Randy", randy >>>;
> 1000::ms => now;
> }
> david
> David Loberg Code
> School of Music
> Western Michigan University
> 1903 W Michigan Ave
> Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5434
> code at wmich.edu

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