[chuck-users] getting started questions

Steve Morris steve at judgement.com
Fri Oct 25 19:20:23 EDT 2013

I'm new to ChucK but am very excited. I have grand plans. I will likely
have lots of questions (some unfortunately stupid, apologies in advance)
although I have been pouring through manuals, examples, the wiki, git
source code and forum archives. Hopefully my questions won't be too
annoying. I'm always happy to receive answers in the form of pointers to
documentation I should be reading before wasting the groups time. Here's my
first pass.

1) I can't find any thing that documents the scope of variables and
objects. Can I create variables that can be accessed in other files, other

2) My first project will be fairly large hopefully split between many
files. Where can I look to see how ChucK code should be broken down and
organized. What is a good paradigm for a shared library.

3) Speaking of libraries I would like to bring a lot of existing C++ code
into my project. Does dynamic linking actually work. I see vague (old)
references to it being made to work again as if it was broken and other
references to it just needing documentation which will come "soon." Lacking
documentation is there an example library that does it. I can get a long
ways with a working example. Working code may be confusing and slow to
understand but it is its own most accurate documentation. I've looked at
chuck_dll and I think I need to see the interface from the other side to
really understand. I'm happy to be a reviewer for "preliminary" draft

4) The Mac install seems to have installed a single bundled app. How do I
use the command line interface?


-steve (aka zencuke)
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