[chuck-users] miniAudicle issue

Morgan morganiser at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 17:51:54 EDT 2013

Thanks for you reply Joel.  I got it working, I recompiled it several
times and was still having issues. I think what eventually made the
difference might have been the setting "this directory" but I am not
sure. But now that it is working I had to quickly get this weeks
cousera assignment done. I am nervouse to change any settings now :)

Thanks again

On 27 October 2013 19:45, Joel Matthys <jwmatthys at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I don't know if anyone responded to your question, so I'll pipe up.
> Have you selected your audio device in the File -> Preferences dialog in the
> miniAudicle? If an ALSA device works in other applications, it ought to work
> with ChucK.
> Good luck!
> Joel
> On 10/25/2013 12:18 AM, Morgan wrote:
>> Hi there, I am trying to get miniAudicle/chuck running on my
>> reasonably fresh install of Linux mint KDE. I have a MB with onboard
>> Audio which is what I have plugged up to my speakers and is set as the
>> default audio device in my system settings..
>> My audio works smoothly for other things such as mp3, flac and orb
>> playback, MIDI (suck as linux MM Studio). I do not have jack
>> installed.
>> I went through the process of installing all of the dependancies,
>> compiling and making the installs, though i dont know if there was an
>> order i was meant to do it in.
>> I have been trying to trouble shoot... I have run from the terminal
>> ~ > lspci | grep audio
>> 0a:0c.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Audigy (rev 04)
>> ~ > chuck --version
>> chuck version: (chimera)
>>     linux (alsa) : 32-bit
>>     http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/
>>     http://chuck.stanford.edu/
>> On initializing miniAudicle the console reads -
>> [chuck]:(2:SYSTEM): setting log level to: 10 (ALL!!)...
>> [chuck]: RtApiAlsa::getDeviceInfo: snd_pcm_open error for device
>> (hw:2,2), No such device.
>> then when i click start virtual machine the program hangs up (whether
>> or not I have a shred in the Audicle window.) Sometimes it will give
>> me an error message about an infinite loop, even without any shreds?
>> I am pretty stumped right now... i have been googling but cant find
>> anyone have the  same issue.
>> Morgan
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