[chuck-users] Running scripts sequentially

Antanas Budriūnas antanasb at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 01:55:45 EDT 2014

Hi Gonzalo,

2014-04-22 4:04 GMT+03:00 Gonzalo <gonzalo at dense13.com>:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to run multiple .ck files sequentially. Specifically I have a
> 'master' file that loads all the 'child' files via Machine.add. But then of
> course they run concurrently. For now I'm just advancing time in the master
> file before every Machine.add statement (ugly...). Is there a way to
> accomplish this nicely?

You should read about Event class in ChucK language specification.
Solution is simple but not ideal in some situations.

> PS: This is my first message to this list.

Welcome on the ChucK board!

> I'm working on a project with
> Chuck that raises *a lot* of questions, so I'll probably be coming back here
> often. :)

What a coincidence - me too ;)


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