[chuck-users] how do I assign a Blit array with a BlitSquare array?

George Locke george.locke.maxmsp at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 11:18:13 EST 2014


I have a class that I want to use either (multiple) BlitSquare or BlitSaw
oscillators, where i can switch between them during performance.  I thought
the easiest way would be to have a single Blit array that holds either, but
apparently I can't do this:

BlitSquare pls[10];
BlitSaw saw[10];
Blit osc[10];
if (choosePulse) {
pls @=> osc;
} else {
saw @=> osc;

Any suggestions?

How is the Blit type ever to be used if not in this way?

(My chuck experience is limited, but I am an experienced programmer.)

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