[chuck-users] assigning a Blit array (George Locke)

Perry R Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Feb 2 13:29:27 EST 2014

Not exactly sure why this is failing.
Also tried declaring Blit osc[], but nope.
Here's a fix for now, assigning all elements 

BlitSquare pls[10];
BlitSaw saw[10];
Blit osc[10];
if (myVariable) {
    for (0 => int i; i < pls.cap(); i++)
        pls[i] => osc[i];
} else {
    for (0 => int i; i < pls.cap(); i++)
        saw[i] => osc[i];

   1. how do I assign a Blit array with a BlitSquare array?
      (George Locke)

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