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OK, as a blind user I feel I have to weigh in on this one.  None of these solutions are at all accessible. Of course, it probably doesn’t matter if its a research project or for personal use (unless of course the author is also a screen reader users), but I feel it needs to be said.  Ironically enough, Music, and sound processing / generating  software in general, is one of the least accessible categories of software out there. 

I’m sure that Python has a widgit/gui library that’s accessible (the NVDA screen reader is written in Python and uses these widgits extensively for its own gui), but can’t remember what its called now. You could also write the UI in html, but then you’d need node.js with web sockets  to translate the tcp messages to UDP for OSC.

The miniaudical is not accessible, and neither is processing from what I’ve seen.  

Just my two cents.
-- Rich

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You could create the sliders in Tcl/Tk and direct the output to ChucK on the command line; there's a good example of that with the piece "Granite09" in the PlorK repository: http://plork.cs.princeton.edu/Repository/PLOrk.zip

Another option is to build a user interface in Processing (http://processing.org) and send the slider values as OSC messages to ChucK. The OSC documentation for ChucK is pretty good; there's a section in the manual and a few samples in the examples folder.


On 02/07/2014 12:47 AM, Philipp Blume wrote:

  I am looking to implement a listener into my (very simple) ChucK program. I want to operate a bank of virtual sliders that send their position to ChucK. 

  In what program/application can I build such a slider, and where in the ChucK API can I read up on listeners? I don't yet know my way around the documentation, though I do have the Kapur, Cook, Salazar, & Wang text which is wonderful.

  Thanks in advance!

  Philipp Blume


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