[chuck-users] Fwd: Automated batch conversion of ck files to WAV

Leonard Ritter leonard.ritter at duangle.com
Thu Jan 23 15:45:21 EST 2014

Hi there,

I wrote this to Ge Wang on Twitter before but he's not been there
since October, so I thought I'd better write here.

I've used ChucK a few years ago and had quite some fun with it. I
would like to use it as part of the game we are currently developing.
The goal is to allow sounds to be customized to individual
installations of the game, where they would then be played back by
OpenAL to provide for positional 3D audio.

As part of my prototyping, I wanted to write a simple Python script
that is able to batch convert a stack of ck files to WAV, ideally
sample precise (no leading or trailing silence).

I thought that rec.ck would be perfect for achieving that but it seems
I can't figure out a way to have recording end precisely when the main
script is done playing, instead of recording indefinitely and waiting
for abortion via the Ctrl+C key.

Is there such a method? I'd be very thankful for advice.

Leonard und Sylvia Ritter, Duangle, GbR

Altpieschen 9,
01127 Dresden

Leonard.Ritter at duangle.com

Geschäftsführung: Sylvia Ritter, Leonard Ritter

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