[chuck-users] Any way to use .pos passing a string?

Federico Lopez jardincosmico at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 19:13:40 EDT 2014

I have an array of strings (p1) that contains the same names of  SndBuff
instances (kk sn), I would like to pass the strings of the array to trigger
samples and I don't know how to do it.

Here is some test code:

SndBuf kk => dac;
SndBuf sn => dac;

me.dir() + "/audio/kick_01.wav" => kk.read;
me.dir() + "/audio/snare_01.wav" => sn.read;

kk.samples() => kk.pos;
sn.samples() => sn.pos;

while( true )
    ["kk", "sn"] @=> string p1[];

    for( 0 => int i; i < p1.cap(); i++)
        0 => p1[i].pos; // not working
        0.25::second => now;


Federico López
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