[chuck-users] Problem: chuck --silent --srateXXXXX not timing correctly

Ryan Supak ryansupak at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 22:02:29 EDT 2014

Hi, I'm running the latest version of chuck on OSX 10.6.9.

I've got a program that doesn't process audio, but it does take MIDI input
in realtime and it outputs various kinds of synchronization signals based
on it.

I originally tried running it with just the --silent flag but chuck was
'saying' that time durations were way shorter than they were. I attempted
the same thing without the --silent flag (defaulting to onboard soundcard)
and time durations were accurate. Then, I tried using both the --silent and
--srate44100 flags to see if that would help, but it behaved just as it did
with the --silent flag.

The ultimate goal is to install this program on a Raspberry Pi without
using sound at all (and chuck on RPi freaks out unless you install a bunch
of other stuff, if you try to run it without the --silent flag).

Anyway, is there a method or trick to make the combined usage of --silent
and --srateXXXXX properly measure duration in realtime use?

Thanks for any help!
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