[chuck-users] Eternal chuckation

Stuart McDonald stuartcmcd at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 05:46:55 EDT 2014

I'm trying to get a continuous ambient mix 'app', where once a SndBuf
finishes playback, another will be instantiated. There should always be two
SndBufs playing at all times.

I can get this scenario working easily enough but the memory used by
earlier playback isn't being freed up. It seems that as long as a parent
shred (required to instantiate and monitor the sndbufs) is while-ing away
eternally, the sndbuf remains in resident memory. This is a problem because
as more sound files are selected and played the computer will eventually
run out of memory.

Switching to the command line I find I can chuck + simple sndbuf playing
files and once playback is complete, memory use goes back to what it was. I
already have a perl script running to take care of environment and
execution of the program on boot, so I can modify that to periodically add
new chucks.

The problem now shifts to knowing when to identify that the current file
has completed playback, and a new file should be added. OSC seems a good
way of getting information from Chuck to the script. There's a Perl library
for running an OSC server, so it seems like this could well work.

But before I go down this slightly Rube Goldberg route, I wanted to check:
is this really the Best Way(TM)?


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