[chuck-users] Question about new OSC support classes - OscIn

Simon Steptoe simonsteptoe at yahoo.co.uk
Sat May 10 10:32:06 EDT 2014

I was looking at the new Osc support classes. When using OscIn, I can't
seem to receive more than the first character of a string.
If I replace the OscIn code with the equivalent using OscRecv code then the
strings come through okay.
If I sent the equivalent data to a separate program - e.g. PD - then the
strings also come through okay.
Conversely, if I send strings from PD to ChucK then, once again, my OscIn
code only picks up the first character.
So, I am assuming the issue lies with my code for OscIn rather than OscOut.
If anyone could put their finger on the problem, I would be most grateful.

And  a separate issue with .addAddress: "oIn.addAddress( "/chuck/data,
ifss" )" works but "oIn.addAddress( "/chuck/data, i f s s" )" doesn't.
This didn't seem to be an issue when using with OscRev/.event.

Here's the code:
OscIn oIn;
OscMsg oMsg;
6452 => oIn.port;
oIn.addAddress( "/chuck/data, ifss" );

"localhost" => string hostname;
6452 => int port;
OscOut xmit;
xmit.dest( hostname, port );

spork ~ recvOsc();
spork ~ sendOsc();

    1::day => now;
fun void sendOsc()
    while( true )
        xmit.start( "/chuck/data" );
        Math.random2( 30, 80 ) => xmit.add;
        Math.random2f( 0.1, 1 ) => xmit.add;
        "xyz" => xmit.add;
        "abc" => xmit.add;
        1::second => now;
fun void recvOsc()
     -1 => int i;
     -1.0 => float f;
     "NULL" => string s;
     "NULL2" => string s2;
     "NULL3" => string s3;
    while( true )
        oIn => now;
        while( oIn.recv(oMsg) )
            oMsg.getInt(0) => i;
            oMsg.getFloat(1) => f;
            oMsg.getString(2) => s;
            oMsg.getString(3) => s2;
            <<< "got (via OSC):", i, f, s, s2, s3 >>>;

(PS - my machine is a PC running Windows Vista)
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