[chuck-users] How to ramp pitch?

Bonnie Eisenman bmeisenm at princeton.edu
Thu May 22 16:39:27 EDT 2014

Hi all, sorry if this question has been answered before, but I can't find
it in the docs.

I'd like to ramp a pitch quickly from one frequency to another. I feel like
there should be a better way to do this than what I'm currently using,
which is this:

// Where length is the # of milliseconds this should take
for (0 => int i; i < length $ int; i++) {
    f1 - ((i/length) * (f1 - f2)) => float newFreq;
    1::ms => now;

This works but it produces an unfortunate clicking noise at the end (and
yup, I'm using an envelope). Any tips?


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