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This might be a better version:

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I've been periodically fussing over trying to construct a phaser (the
effect, not the fictional weapon) and while there's a working ChucKian
example at http://electro-music.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=23264 , I'd
like to understand more about what's going on.

The example uses a PoleZero filter, which may as well be called
PixieWand for all I know what it actually does. There are numerous
other filter UGens as well; I think there may be a whole world of
filtration out there I can't even imagine.

The ChucK documentation doesn't provide descriptions of the mechanics
of these filters. I get the impression that they're things you're
expected to understand if you have a formal background in DSP, and if
you don't, well, it's a bit of a leap to get there.

For now I'm optimistic I can get educated in some way. A 2006 post on
this subject on this list
suggested reading Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications
by Perry R. Cook.

The book looks promising, but I'm not sure if it tackles the subject
to a depth that would be helpful. Has anyone read it and could
recommend? Perry, what do you reckon? =D

Many thanks,

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