[chuck-users] questions about the Bowed UGen

Daniel Chapiro dchapiro at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 15:51:23 EDT 2014

Hi - I am using the Bowed UGen, and after reading the docs, trying to hear what's going on, and looking at Chuck's src, I still have some questions:

(1) rate: Chuck complains that the rate method is not valid for Bowed. However, it's mentioned in some docs, and the source code has an ADSR inside, whose rate is set by noteOn/Off (but not by start/stopBowing). Also, this ADSR has reasonable decay and sustain values, but they are fixed. Is there any way to at least set the rate from Chuck code? 

(2) volume: it is a multiplicative factor, completely independently of whatever amplitude one sets with start/stopBowing set, right?

(3) start/stopBowing: does the model have a transient, during which the string is vibrating with a different spectrum than in steady state? If not, to control the attack/decay, should I leave it bowing constantly, and control the attack/decay by adding an ADSR after Bowed, which would "gate" the sound?

(4) in STK there's an asymptotic decay - is there anything like that in Chuck? (sometimes one may want a dampened, quick stop, but others one may want to let the string decay asymptotically, just as with plucked strings, regardless of having enertgized the string with a bow). 


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