[chuck-users] replace multiple shreds simultaneously

Peter Lutek peter at peterlutek.com
Fri Oct 17 14:45:25 EDT 2014


it seems there's no command-line option for simultaneously replacing 
multiple shreds, right? i.e. something like this isn't implemented:

chuck = 1 firstreplacement.ck 2 secondreplacement.ck

did i miss something?
if it's not possible, what are some good workarounds? (on linux, with 

i guess there's this:

chuck = 1 firstreplacement.ck & chuck = 2 secondreplacement.ck

...but that's probably not sample-accurate and has a bunch of extra 
keystrokes!  :)

thanks much... cheers!

Peter Lutek
improvising musician in Toronto, Canada

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