[chuck-users] confused about time/control

Peter Lutek peter at peterlutek.com
Wed Oct 22 12:50:45 EDT 2014

greetings! a little help for a newbie?....

when i run this bit of code, i would have expected the while loop to 
run for only 5 seconds, printing out a new value for "beat" whenever new 
data comes in from MIDI. then, it should print "done". instead, it just 
keeps printing the new "beat" values for as long as i let it run, never 
getting to the "done" line. i don't understand why the "while( now < 
later )" doesn't kill the loop after 5 seconds.

also, xruns go through the roof and i have to kill it externally. i'm 
on linux, using jack. (all the setup of MIDI ports and variables happens 
before this, and i know it's functioning fine...)


dur beat;

now + 5::second => time later;
while( now < later ){
        while( min.recv(msgin) ){
                   ( msgin.data3 + 10 ) * 50::ms => beat;


thanks much, in advance... cheers!

Peter Lutek
improvising musician in Toronto, Canada

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