[chuck-users] bandwidth in band reject filter

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 15:34:49 EDT 2014


I'm currently using the C*APS Eq10 10-band equalizer


via the LADSPA ChuGin


as part of an effect but all I really need is something to scoop the
mids.  I thought I might use the BRF band reject filter


I can't tell how to set the bandwidth (or described another way, the
range of frequencies around the center frequency that are rejected by
the filter).  I went off into reading Miller Puckette's book Theory
and Techniques of Electronic Music


and am now lost somewhere in the imaginary plane.

The definition of the Q parameter seems to vary among the different
ChucK filters (resonance vs quality vs Q) and I suppose I should
understand what that means.  Feel free to tell me to go back to my
reading.  :)


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