[chuck-users] GUI builders?

Andrew Monks andrew at andrewmonks.net
Thu Sep 11 15:08:08 EDT 2014


I've used both Pd/Max and Processing.org/controlp5 for ChucK GUI controls.

Personally, I find the dataflow model of Pd/Max to be very well suited
to event-oriented things like user interface: just pipe your ui
objects / number boxes / what have you straight to a `udpsend` object,
and you don't have to think about an event loop. Another potential
advantage of Pd/Max is that it's inherently suited to livecoding,
whereas a Processing patch needs to be recompiled when you make

On the other hand, Processing provides many more tools than Max (and
especially Pd) for prettying-up your interface. I start almost every
project with a UI in Pd/Max, but if my interface needs to be used by
other people, I'll often switch over to Processing to provide more
visual control in a final 'release' version.

I'll always use Pd/Max when I'm livecoding, so that I can easily add
UI elements on-the-fly as I need them. When livecoding I don't really
care about how pretty my interface is since it's for one-time use.

On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 1:57 PM, Antanas Budriūnas <antanasb at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2014-09-11 21:35 GMT+03:00 Peter Lutek <peter at peterlutek.com>:
>> On 2014-09-11 14:31, Antanas Budriūnas wrote:
>>> you didn't mention your OS. In case you're Mac user, there are GUI
>>> controls ("MAUI elments") in MiniAudicle for OS X -
>>> http://audicle.cs.princeton.edu/mini/mac/
>>> I can't say more about this topic because I'm on Linux.
>>> My personal choice for ChucK GUI controls is Processing with ControlP5
>>> and OscP5 libraries.
>> oops... i'm on linux, and you're the second person to mention Processing, so
>> i'll have to have a look! any reason you prefer it over PureData?
> Simply I'm not familiar enough with PD contrary to Java. So you could test both.
> Antanas
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