[chuck-users] Possible bug in chuck, beta 7, win32

Rich Caloggero rjc at mit.edu
Wed Feb 25 23:01:26 EST 2015

/* Possible bug in chuck, beta 7, win32
the following is typical osc out -- see examples/osc/s.ck.
The issue is that I want to simply send one packet, not a continuoue stream of data.
If I remove the while loop, chuck crashes.
If I break out of the while loop (uncomment the break below), chuck crashes.
If I use any other block (if statement, or just braces with no leading clause), chuck crashes.

Can someone explain this behavior; it makes no sense to me!!!

"localhost" => string hostname;
9999 => int port;

OscOut xmit;
xmit.dest( hostname,port);

while (1) {
xmit.start( "/input/gain" );
    xmit.add (2.2);
1::ms => now;
} // while

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