[chuck-users] WvOut sample size

јеромонах Виталије vitalije at kviziracija.net
Fri Jan 23 14:22:21 EST 2015

I am a new member of this list.
I have made some ChucK program that sounds good when performed by ChucK 
VM. However, when I record this music through WvOut in to file and later 
play recorded file using system player, I hear some cracks (distortions, 
It seems to me that it is some conversion taking place during recording. 
In  the documentation of WvOut class it is suggested that MATLAB file 
format will write 64-bit floats. But even with that precision I get the 
same sound in file. I have looked in to the source code and found that 
every method of WvOut class (WvOut_ctrl_<filetype>Filename) opens file 
with the same 16-bit sample-size (Stk::STK_SINT16).

I have tried naively to change that parameter into Stk::STK_SINT32, and 
recompiled successfully ChucK, but the quality of recorded sound was not 
improved. Actually, file was again 16-bit signed encoded.

What can I do to improve quality of recording.

My computer is amd-64 Ubuntu 14.04. I have compiled ChucK with 'make 
linux-alsa' command.

PS: I tried to record sound from system sound-card by using some other 
programs for recording, but with no success. Either ChucK could not 
access sound-card or a recording program could not access sound-card. It 
seems that ChucK insists on having exclusive rights over sound-card and 
doesn't want to share it with other programs. Even if in my browser is 
opened some site that uses sound, ChucK refuses to start.


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