[chuck-users] WvOut sample size (????????? ????????)

јеромонах Виталије vitalije at kviziracija.net
Mon Jan 26 07:19:12 EST 2015

Thank you Perry Cook, for your reply.
I have found what was the source of my main problem. It had nothing to 
do with quality, or sample size of generated file. Actually I was 
working on files located on an USB memory stick, and the stick was 
plugged in a USB hub device located very near speaker. When ChucK was 
executing file there were no interference between the USB cable and 
speaker cable, but when I was playing recorded file from the same USB 
there were some interference between cables that sounded like cracks. 
When I copied generated file to my desktop and played it from there, 
cracks disappeared :-)
Maybe this will help somebody else if one run into similar problem.

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