[chuck-users] WvOut sample size (????????? ????????)

јеромонах Виталије vitalije at kviziracija.net
Mon Jan 26 08:03:33 EST 2015

Thank you Michael Heuer, for your reply. I have already installed jackd 
and QJackCtl, but I am not so happy with it. It is much easer to work 
with ChucK compiled to use alsa and just start one single program (* 
chuck) than to wary about starting jackd, controlling it... Very likely 
I am missing something about jack but I have never made it to work 
smoothly. There were always some troubles with applications that utilize 
sound card when I run jack server, so I gave up.

On the other hand, I don't understand why ChucK can not use sound card 
as any other application on my computer. For example: command line mp3 
player mpg321 can play a mp3-file simultaneously with other programs. I 
can start several mpg321 commands from terminal and there will be no 
complains about hardware device being used. The same is with other 
audio/video players on my computer. None of them requires exclusively 
access to sound card hardware, and they all can cooperate smoothly. I 
would like very much if ChucK could do so.


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