[chuck-users] OscIn: error: unable to create server instance

ermina at studioplume.com ermina at studioplume.com
Mon Jun 8 20:38:06 EDT 2015


so far i have been chucking exclusively from within the miniAudicle 
I am using the jack-enabled linux 64 bits version, on Linux Mint Betsy 
(which is mostly Debian 8).
Today i wanted to try the command-line (chuck --loop and chuck + 
file.ck) and it seems the behavior of the VM is somehow different.
Instantiating an OscIn object does not work  in the cli, it returns: 
"OscIn: error: unable to create server instance".

I was using the same version of chuck ( as bundled with 
Using -v9, the logs between chuck --loop and miniAudicle console are 
If i start the VM in the miniAudicle (accepting network commands) and 
then use chuck + file.ck, file.ck is shredded correctly and OscIn 

That problem might be related to my config since on a second machine 
this error does not happen ( 64bits. I copied the chuck 
executable over to the first computer and the error was there again.

Is there something obvious i am missing / should be looking for ?
Thanks for your help.

. e

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