[chuck-users] OscIn: error: unable to create server instance

Spencer Salazar spencer at ccrma.stanford.edu
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Interesting, someone has actually reported this in the past but Ive never
been able to reproduce it. The two most likely explanations are either
opening up a UDP listener port is forbidden by some security/firewall
policy on your system (many OS's have started enabling these by default),
or something else is using the port you are trying to create the OSC server

Im not sure how to test the former on Linux, but you can see if anything is
listening on that port using netstat -lntu. If any of the ports on the
local addresses (the part after : ) matches the OSC port you are trying to
use, then that would be your problem- you can just use a different OSC port
in ChucK in that case.


On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 5:38 PM, <ermina at studioplume.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> so far i have been chucking exclusively from within the miniAudicle
> (1.3.3).
> I am using the jack-enabled linux 64 bits version, on Linux Mint Betsy
> (which is mostly Debian 8).
> Today i wanted to try the command-line (chuck --loop and chuck + file.ck)
> and it seems the behavior of the VM is somehow different.
> Instantiating an OscIn object does not work  in the cli, it returns:
> "OscIn: error: unable to create server instance".
> I was using the same version of chuck ( as bundled with
> miniAudicle.
> Using -v9, the logs between chuck --loop and miniAudicle console are
> identical.
> If i start the VM in the miniAudicle (accepting network commands) and then
> use chuck + file.ck, file.ck is shredded correctly and OscIn created.
> That problem might be related to my config since on a second machine this
> error does not happen ( 64bits. I copied the chuck executable over
> to the first computer and the error was there again.
> Is there something obvious i am missing / should be looking for ?
> Thanks for your help.
> . e
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