[chuck-users] is shred running? (Atte)

Perry Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Mar 4 12:59:42 EST 2015


A handy list of Shred functions (From our new Book, Appendix A :-):
The ones you want are running() or done()

Shred.fromId(int id) Returns shred object corresponding to id.

int id(); Returns the ID number of the shred.

void yield(); Causes the shred to temporarily discontinue processing and
                       allows other active shreds to run.
void exit(); Schedules the shred for immediate termination.

int running(); Returns 1 if shred is still running, 0 otherwise.

int done(); Returns 1 if shred has finished, 0 otherwise; except in rare
                     cases, this is the opposite of done().
int args(); Returns the number of command-line arguments.

string arg(int num); Returns command-line argument at position num.

string me.dir(); Returns the directory from whence this shred came.

string me.dir(int numUp); Returns numUp directories from whence this shred came;
                      numUp can be positive or negative, with the same result.

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> Hi
> I spork a file like this:
> Machine.add(filename) => int id;
> Is there a way to later on figure out if the shred is still running?
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