[chuck-users] PowerADSR problem

Julien Saint-Martin julien.saintmartin at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 9 10:38:55 EST 2015

Hi Chuckers,

I just tried the PowerADSR chugins.
When used like a classical ADSR with function set() it works fine.
But when I add the setCurves() function after the sustain part of my 
sound disapear.
I checked the  PowerADSR.cpp file and found something suspect line 235:

     float setDecayCurve( t_CKFLOAT dc)
         m_decayCurve = dc;

*        m_sustainLevel = m_currentLevel;*
         m_decayCount = 0;

         return dc;

When setting the Decay curve, the function set sustain to current level. 
When the ADSR is off it reset it to zero.
When I comment this line 235 PowerADSR works like I expect.
I don't know what is the goal of this line so maybe it is not a propper fix.

Note there is the same kind of action line 192 in the setDecay function. 
Some can also experiments problem with that, I think.



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