[chuck-users] Does a working FluidSynth chugin exist?

Pietari Seppänen pietari.seppanen at pohjoinen.net
Mon Oct 5 12:30:02 EDT 2015

Hi! The Extend section of the Chuck site describes a FluidSynth chugin for
using soundfonts. CCRMA does have code for this chugin  
(https://github.com/ccrma/chugins/tree/master/FluidSynth), which I managed  
compile for Windows after many, many hours of effort. Unfortunately, I get
a chuck_dl error 126 when Chuck tries to load the file (I had to change
the message level), so either my frankly ridiculous compiling process
broke it or the code doesn't work right now.

Does anyone have this chugin in working form?


Pietari Seppänen

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