[chuck-users] WvOut2 disregards Pan2 information

Jean Menezes da Rocha jean at menezesdarocha.info
Mon Oct 5 12:57:37 EDT 2015

Hello, guys,

I am trying to output a stereo .wav file using rec-auto-stereo.ck
from the ChucK examples). Nonetheless, the exported file completely
disregards instructions passed by Pan2, and every sound is panned to the
center. If I run my script standalone (passing output to dac instead of
WvOut2) the pan is correctly played.

Take this test script:

SinOsc s => Pan2 pan => dac;

while ( true ) {
    Math.random2f( 0.125, 0.5 ) => s.gain;
    Math.random2f( 63, 1500 ) => s.freq;
    Std.randf() => pan.pan;
    Math.random2f( 40, 400 )::ms => now;

If I run it alone, it is correctly panned. If I run it against
rec-auto-stereo.ck, the sound I hear from dac is duly panned, but in the
resulting .wav file Pan2 information is discarded and everything goes to
the center.

Do anyone know what am I missing?

Thanks in advance!
Jean Menezes da Rocha
Professor -- Faculdades Est
Mestre e Doutorando em Composição pela Universidade Federal da Bahia
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